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Structure of online pokies

They are called online pokies, slots or one-armed bandits. A special fascination emanates from them. When everything spins and flashes, our heart beats faster. online pokies offer a lot of entertainment for little money, and if Fortuna is on our side, we can also be richly rewarded.

The basic principle is the same for all online pokies. There is a fixed number of pay lines and reels. The standard is 25 pay lines on five reels. Everything below that is already considered a classic. Those who played in the casino in the early days will remember them, just one pay line, and yet they entertained you for hours.

Each slot machine has different symbols that must be lined up on a pay line for a payout to occur. The symbols have different values, which can be found in the paytable. Most wins are multiplied by the bet per payline, some pay out instant wins.

Also standard today are two special features called Wilds and Scatter. The wild symbols act as wild and substitute for all other symbols except the scatter. As a result, almost full pay lines still pay out and combinations are extended. In addition, a wild allows you to activate multiple pay lines at once.

Scatter symbols must usually appear at least three times on the reels. They do not have to be in a row and guarantee an instant win. Free spins then start. The next rounds are free, and the winnings are based on the current bet. Some online pokies on the Internet have additional features during the free spins. Some also activate the bonus game here.
The bonus game holds large winnings or even the jackpot for the player. It is intended to encourage the player to take action himself. Often objects have to be selected which then reveal winnings, multipliers, or free spins.

Last but not least, some online pokies have the “Gamble function.” A 50:50 chance is offered, e.g. predicting the next suit in the deck and if successful, the winnings are doubled.

Understanding the stakes

Today’s online slots offer a wide range of bets. This ensures that beginners don’t spend too much while the high rollers have fun. Bets can be varied with the number of active pay lines, the bet per line and the coin system. In general, all pay lines should be played on. The bet per line is adjusted according to your game balance, so that as many rounds as possible and thus chances are taken. The coin system is a strategy similar to the martingale system and allows you to bet a lot of money. To better understand this, we will make an example calculation.

We have a slot machine with 25 active paylines. Each line bets 20 cents, which makes 5 Euros per spin. Only one coin is bet. If we now increase the number of coins bet from one to three, then 15 Euros are bet per spin. The possible winnings increase in the same proportion to the bets and whoever risks more also wins a larger share in the case of a jackpot. But more about that later.

The special thing about Video Pokies

Pokies offer a very high entertainment value and are present in every online casino in large numbers. Within the online pokies still the group of video slots. These are the most modern online pokies, which bring a lot of movement into the game. This feature is especially in action topics such as the Marvel Slots a great enrichment. With the advent of Video Slots, more paylines have been introduced in places. 50 or 100 lines are not uncommon, and players can lose track of them. Each wild symbol is worthwhile here several times over, because one field covers tens of paylines. If you’ve tried a lot of online pokies, you should try the 100 Lines Video Slots.


Although the online pokies are primarily intended for entertainment, everyone wants a big win. A few thousand euros can be won with the traditional pay lines. However, millions of euros can only be won with the jackpots. The special thing compared to jackpots in Roulette or Black Jack: no extra bet is required. With Jackpot Slots a part of the losses is paid into the Jackpot. Popular variants such as Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune accumulate thanks to the numerous players very quickly large seven-digit amounts. Some jackpots are also linked to several casinos through their developer to create tens of millions of dollars and new record sums.

Pokie Game tips for beginners

The most important principle in gambling is to play only with the capital you actually have left. The stakes are then chosen accordingly. For example, if I have 100 euros deposited or with casino bonus available, I should not bet more than one euro per round. This way you get a good balance between many opportunities to win and high payouts.
Another approach starts with only one active payline and the minimum bet. With each spin, the betting increases slowly. This strategy is especially useful in slot machine tournaments.

Online pokies: What’s different in the casino?

If you visit a casino regularly and then make your first trip to a casino, you will probably be surprised. At first glance, the machines may look similar, but on closer inspection, they play completely differently. And not only in connection with the stakes.

Fast deposit and withdrawal from the casino

If you want to place your bets in a casino, you don’t have to wait long until your amount is fully booked on the machine. Instead, the full amount is available immediately. With the payout it looks similar. Payout breaks and the like do not exist. Instead, players receive a winning ticket with which they can collect their winnings at the cashier.

Of course, significantly higher stakes of often ten or 20 euros per spin are also possible at the online pokies in the casinos. But if you wish, you can also play like in a casino with only a few cents per spin. In short: If you haven’t done so yet, you should definitely try out the slot machine game in the next casino.


Pokies offer a wide range of content, the themes vary greatly and so everyone will find something for their taste. Also, the application possibilities are vast. Beginners, as well as high rollers, get their money’s worth. Free spins, bonus rounds, and jackpots make online slots fascinating, which is why they are also used for entertainment. Every now and then, however, the online pokies also crown a new millionaire, which explains their appeal.